Awana Clubs is coming back to Calvary (grades K-12). First club night is scheduled for January, 2021. The date will be posted when it is decided on.

Awana offers a curriculum that reaches kids and their families with the gospel. Our proven and adaptable curriculum will have you developing leaders and encouraging kids to walk with Christ for life. The curriculum and programs start at age 2 and continue through age 18.

Each Club Night is broken Up into three separate segments:

Game Time
A time of activities and Awana Games

Council Time
A message about God and His love for Us

Bible Time
A time spent working in the handbook and memorize Bible verses

Puggles (2-3 years)

Puggles teaches toddlers basic truths about God and equips parents to reinforce these truths in a practical way throughout the week.

Introduce young children to God and His love! In Puggles, children learn four Big Truths – God Made Everything, God is Great, God Loves Us, and We Give Thanks – and the Bible verses that go with them. Form an early foundation for faith with interactive curriculum, parent materials, and Scripture-themed songs.

Cubbies (Pre-K)

Cubbies displays the greatness of God’s character to preschoolers who are constantly asking questions!

In Cubbies, kids learn basic truths about God, Jesus, and salvation through fun handbooks, picture teaching cards, and more. Cubbies is a welcoming space for kids to learn and grow.

Sparks (K-2 Grade)

Sparks ignites a child’s curiosity to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ.

Three years of Sparks curriculum – HangGlider, WingRunner, and SkyStormer – cover Scripture from Genesis through Revelation and teach kids about exciting people from the Bible. Sparkies grow in their faith through fun group lessons, discipleship activities, and awards.

T&T (3-6 Grade)

T&T takes students on a journey by answering their questions about God and the Bible while guiding them to grow in Christ’s love and live out their faith.

T&T helps 3rd-6th graders learn more about God, the Bible, Jesus, and life application of Scripture. This year’s recommended book is Grace in Action which has an illustrated story format, along with great large group activities and discussions for every student.

Trek (Middle School)

Trek middle school students complete Bible studies and join in powerful small group conversations to answer important Spiritual questions. Wrestling with “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “Who’s with me?” help students own their faith and discover what they believe.

Journey (High School)

Journey illustrates what is really expected of a follower of Jesus and mobilizes students to impact the world for Christ.

Journey empowers high school students to live with godly perspective and evident faith. Each year students will go through Bible studies, memory verses, and great discussions on how to live out their faith in the world around them

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